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Windows 10 Creators Update
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Windows has been one of the most popular operating systems worldwide, except Android took that position fairly recently. But with Windows 10 Microsoft are doing things differently. Windows 10 Creators Update is a part of that doing things differently.

We believe that everyone is a creator at heart and that creativity is an essential human trait. And, no matter who you are, Windows 10 is built to empower the creator in all of us.

Here’s a more detailed list of what’s new in the Windows 10 Creators Update:

3D in Windows 10

In today’s world, 3D is everywhere from 3D games to 3D movies. To create these contents one must study the application that allows you to create 3D objects. But thanks to Microsoft it will be easy for new people to create at least a doodle version of 3D contents with Paint 3D. Paint 3D is a new and refreshed version of the almighty Paint. With it, you can draw a 2D object and make it a 3D object, therefore, control the depth of objects. Check the following gallery to see all the artwork that can be created with help of Paint 3D.
Microsoft also created a community called where you can share your creation, download other’s and remix them to create something new. Paint 3D will be pre-installed on Windows 10 Creators update so do check it out.

Much more gaming
  • Game Broadcasting

    Microsoft is making it more easy for gamers to broadcast their gameplay with Windows 10. By simply pressing Windows key + G while playing your game will bring up the Game bar, where you’ll find they’ve added a broadcast icon to launch Beam – no extra software required. Reminder you that you will need account synced will Microsoft/Xbox account.

  • Control Gaming experience from System settings

    A new thing you’ll find in settings is the Gaming section. From here you can control the Game Bar, Game DVR, Broadcasting and Game Mode. Here you will be able to change keyboard shortcuts for Game Bar, the path to store DVR contents, etc.

  • Game Mode

    With Game Mode, Microsoft hopes to provide a better and more consistent gaming experience on Windows 10. In Game Mode, Windows will dedicate more system resources to the game you are playing rather than background tasks. Game Mode will work on both Win32 and UWP Games. To enable Game Mode while playing a game, pull up the Game bar (Windows key + G) and click on the Settings button to opt the running game into using Game Mode.

A new set of Features on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a faster and a secure browser built for Windows 10 which provides long battery life during browsing the internet. As Google Chrome hogs up so many resources it is pretty OK to say that Edge provides little more battery life battery.

  • Tab preview bar

    We all do this open up more tab than we can track of. With help of Tab preview bar, you can see where your specific tab was/is. Tab preview bar allows you to easily glance at a visual preview of every tab you have open without leaving your page.

    Set tabs aside

    MS Edge is making it easy for all to browse the internet without getting lost in tabs. With Set Tab aside it will be easy to save those tab to browse them later. And with Tabs you’ve set aside, you can preview thumbnails of web pages you set aside, and restore an individual or a collection of web pages to pick up where you left off.

More things at the store

Windows store now added a new digital category in the Windows Store called Books (US only). With books in Windows Store, you can discover different genres of the book from different authors. You can also find children’s books, sci-fi to thriller.
You’ll also find top titles including New York Times Bestseller, Top publishers and partners like HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, etc. After downloading an E-book you can easily read it in Microsoft Edge browser. If you have a locally available .epub file then you can open it in the browser.

Microsoft Edge Reader
Microsoft Edge Reader

A digital assistant that works anytime
Cortana loves music

You can now use Cortana to control your music playback on more of your favorite music apps. And Groove now supports the ability to play music by mood, category or activity so you can say “Hey Cortana, play me some workout music”.

You can now also control iHeartRadio and TuneIn Radio. This control will also work above the lock screen. You can try queries like:

  • Play Drake on iHeartRadio
  • Play Top 40 on iHeartRadio
  • Play NPR Hourly News on TuneIn
  • Play jazz music on TuneIn
  • Play Z100 on iHeartRadio
  • Play KUOW on TuneIn

Cortana can now also recognize music for customers in China. Simply tap the music notes icon in the top corner of Cortana’s home page, and Cortana will listen to whatever music is playing and use Netease to tell you what song it is.

Fullscreen when idle

You can now interact with Cortana even when your PC is locked. By saying “Hey Cortana” while in lock screen you’ll get full-screen experience. Give it a try by enabling “Hey Cortana”, and then wait for about 10 seconds or so without touching your PC.

Pick up where you left

When you switch computers, Cortana will display quick links in the Action Center to help you easily get back into Microsoft Edge websites and SharePoint (or other cloud-based) documents you used most recently. For example, if you were working on a PowerPoint deck on your laptop, when you later return to your desktop, a link to that deck appears in the Action Center

Improvements on Default apps

Built-in apps like Photos, Maps, Groove Music and Movies & TV are updated for more stability and new features to use.

  • Use Windows Ink to draw pictures and videos in the Photos app to make them your own. Have fun, express yourself, and create something new with videos and photos that feature your personal touch. Tutorial here
  • Draw on a 2D or 3D map in the Maps app and make it yours with Windows Ink. Create routes with turn-by-turn directions, measure the distance between any two points, add notes, and mark places to visit.
  • With Groove, you can upload music from your PC to OneDrive to play your own tunes and make a playlist once for all your devices including Windows, Xbox, Android, iOS, and Sonos.
  • Fully immerse yourself in 360° videos and watch hit movies and TV shows in 4K or HD with the Movies & TV app.
  • Movies & TV now supports a mini view feature. It will now float above any window giving you the opportunity to multi-task.
  • You can now lower the amount of blue light emitted from your PC at night with the Nightlight. Settings to turn this functionality on or off in Settings > System > Display.

Comprehensive Security for everyone

Windows is continuing to provide more sophisticated security services. With Creators Update, which brings more, security capabilities to all customers to help better protect, defend, and respond to threats on their devices and networks.

  • New Windows Defender

    Microsoft redesigned Windows Defender to look more like UWP apps. It now shows Virus & threat protection, Device performance & health, Firewall & network protection, App & browser control and Family options.

  • Dynamic Lock

    Windows Hello now can use any paired iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone to detect when you step away from your PC or tablet then lock it. This feature works with smartphones, fitness bands, or any device that’s paired with your PC or tablet.

  • Microsoft is also adding new actions and insights in Windows Defender ATP to investigate and respond to network attacks, including sensors in memory, enriched intelligence, and new remediation actions.

Microsoft is rolling Creators Update worldwide. This may take a while to be received by every PC. If you want to install it right away you can do it by going to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. Now click Check for Update. If your device has already downloaded Windows 10 Creators Update then it will ask to Restart your device.

Have you installed Creators Update? Which is your favorite feature in Windows 10? Share your thoughts on Windows 10 and the Creators Update.


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