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OnePlus 6
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OnePlus came to the market low priced yet high-end hardware and software. Enthusiast and developers loved the device, with almost stock Android experience it touched the heart of all people. Though prices have increased since the first attempt, there are hardly any people saying ”no” to their device. With the 5T out and over with, its time for a new device, obviously OnePlus 6 = 7… 😉 Jokes aside OnePlus’ Twitter account recently tweeted the following tweet announcing the launch date, May 16 or May 1+6. 😎 .

With official announcement out, let’s talk about the leaks. A few weeks back there were some leaked images show the OnePlus 6 with the notch. Yes, you read it correct the notch. As previous hardware of OnePlus sort of looks like Apple’s hardware, their no telling that the new devices would not. The leaks also suggest that the body will sport a glass frame. For the software, it will be running the latest public version of Android i.e 8.1 (Oreo), with future support for Android P.

These are just leaks, these specifications might not be the final product. So do not take these words seriously. For more info check their twitter account.

So what do you think OnePlus will do with their new device. Do you even like the notch? Share your thought in the comment section.
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