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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
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Microsoft is constantly updating Windows 10 to Insiders to get new feedbacks to make Windows so stable, usable. They have been improving user experience, stability, optimizing the workflow, etc. In the second day of Microsoft Build, where they showcase their new technologies for developers to utilize in their apps. They also announced new Windows named “Fall Creators Update”. Here are the features a

Story Remix

Story Remix is an UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app that lets instantly create video stories from your photos. With a simple click of a button, it will create a video montage for you. You can edit the music frames in the video, draw in it, etc to make it the way you want. Story Remix makes it easy to use photos and videos to tell your own story. Make a video that captures your day, experience or mood. Then save it, share it, or give it a remix by adding fun 3D objects or drawing on it with Windows Ink. Whether you’re a pro or just getting started, Story Remix will help you find inspiration and explore new ways to create great stories. You’ll also have access to Remix 3D from where you can download resources to add it to your story.

New Design System called “Fluent Design”

As we’ve reported previously Microsoft is introducing new design language to Windows. Previously known as Project-Neon, Microsoft gave an official new name to it as Fluent Design. It is a mixer of transparency, blur, fluent and progressive animation. Microsoft is expected to bring this design language to almost every aspect of Windows 10. From settings app to Microsoft Edge, you can expect some of the impacts that this design language will have on them. Words can hardly define it, take a look at the video below.

Windows + Microsoft Graph

If you have more than one Windows device you’ll have a hard time managing contents from one device to another. Now with Microsoft Graph, you’ll be able to share your file, content and live activities to across multiple devices. It means you can go from one PC to another PC while your content will move accordingly.

Windows PCs ❤ all your devices

-Joe Belfiore

To enable this main feature they incorporated few sub-main features which are as follows

  • Onedrive files on-demand
    With this feature, you can either fully download or partially save Onedrive files onto your computer. It helps you save disk space by only downloading files when needed only when you are accessing them by yourself or through an application.
  • Windows Timeline

    Windows Timeline
    Windows Timeline

    In Task view, you’ll now see a graph/timeline which will show you the activities you were using. Looking at graph data you can go back to document you were writing the day before yesterday and continue then and there. This feature is also available on iOS and Android with Cortana enabled, there she will notify and share your activities with you. If the app (you were using) was not installed on that platform, she will provide download link too.

  • Univeral Clipboard
    Now you can copy a pile of text in Windows PC and paste it on another Windows device easily. With help of cloud now you can easily copy texts on one device and paste it on the other. It can also copy and paste to and from android with Swiftkey keyboard app.
More apps coming to Windows Store

With UWP apps introducing more and more powerful APIs, new and popular apps are coming to Windows Store. Spotify, a popular music streaming apps announced that they are coming to Windows Store. And guess what? Itunes is also coming to Windows Store with all of Apple Music and full support for Apple devices like iPhone and iPads. Other popular apps like SAP Digital Boardroom and Autodesk SketchBook are now available in Windows Store.

Windows as DevBox

In last year’s Build, Microsoft announced Ubuntu bash coming to Windows, which did and helped a lot of developers. Now it will be easier for them to download and setup it from Windows Store rather than from command line. Microsoft also partnered with OpenSUSE and Fedora to bring their shell to Windows 10 from Microsoft Store. This provides more versatility to developers in developing software in a multi-platform manner.

For developers

.Net Standard 2.0 for UWP

visit here for more info

XAML Standard 1.0

visit here for more info

Project Rome SDK for iOS (already available for Windows and Android)

visit here for more info

Xamarin Live player

With Xamarin player, the developer will be able to develop and deploy iOS apps from Visual Studio in Windows. Developers will also be able to debug and live preview the code from this app.

Full UWP capabilities in Visual Studio Mobile Center

Now, developers can use Visual Studio Mobile Center to view their UWP apps deployed in thousands of devices at the same time.

With all these new features to play around with, are you looking forward to new Windows 10 Fall Creators Update? What feature do you think you can most excited about share with us in the comment section below.

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