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Google is one of the most valuable and influencing companies on the planet. Google services are used in numbers of billions from Android to search and others. Developers love Google because they provide one of the free and open-source platforms, Android, for them to develop apps on. People love Google because they provide new and sophisticated services for cheap and mostly free like Youtube.

????+???? The #io17 mobile app is now available for Android.
iOS coming very soon too! Read more:

So to respect and to gather developers, Google calls everyone to their annual program called Google I/O. People from around the world come to participate in this developers festival. During the keynote, they talk about latest features and technologies to be implemented in Google’s services. They also talk about the latest version of Android and new features coming along with it.



Normally, the I/O is an event for three days. where they have multiple small programs for developers and visitors. In these programs, Google will feature learning experience show, technical talks, etc. You can look at the schedule, here to see and learn more about Google service products. Learn more about Google I/O 2017 here.

Are you excited about Google I/O and a new version of Android? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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