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Asphalt 9
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Asphalt has been the go-to racing game series of all time for mobile gamers. From old school featured phone to new high-end smartphones, Gameloft has had a version that looks good on that mobile. With Asphalt 8 now aging but still entertaining gamers with new maps and events, Gameloft is looking ahead for Asphalt 9.

Gameloft, the company behind Asphalt this week released trailer for Asphalt 9 while soft-launching it is some countries. Check the cool video below, also do check their new game Dead Rival while you see this video.

With the soft launch, some users had the opportunity to play the game. After watching some of those videos on Youtube, it seems Gameloft has changed the controls and the overall gameplay of the game. But it is not good to jump to the conclusion this early on. We will publish a post about the launch and also about the gameplay. So stay tuned for more tech news and reviews.

We can confirm for now that Asphalt 9 will be available on three platforms, Android, iOS, and Windows.

You can go to Asphalt Legend’s Website for more info
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