How to Hide Android Root Status On Per-App Basis?1 min read

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In our previous article on section “How To”, we have described the ways of rooting and must have apps for an Android device. So, we think it is relevant to share this information with our readers and technology lovers about ways to hide Android root status on a per-app basis.

Recently, a famous developer Chainfire released an experimental hack with a new app called Suhide. This app allows the rooted Android device user to hide the root status on the app-by-app basis. It can selectively hide root (the SU binary) from other applications.

Hide Android Root Status

One of the drawbacks of rooting your android device is losing access to certain apps. Those apps include banking, payment and corporate security apps that work with financial and confidential data. Such apps don’t work on rooted devices.


  • Hides root on a per-app base, no need to globally disable root
  • Doesn’t need Xposed Framework/ Installer
  • Even supports SuperSU’s ancient app compatibility mode (BINDSYSTEMXBIN)
  • Passes Safety Net attestation by default on stock ROMs (last officially tested on 2016.08.31)


  • No GUI
  • Not officially supported
  • Still experimental


  • SuperSU v2.76 or newer
  • Android 6.0 or newer
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