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Surface Hub 2
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Microsoft has been good at creating new hardware with beautiful design. Starting from Surface Book 2, their hardware design has seriously challenged Apple’s design. Microsoft has a platform to run (Windows), by inspiring other device manufacturers they can do so, Surface Hub 2 is such inspiration.

Microsoft’s philosophy for Surface Hub 2 is “People coming together, creating together”. Collaborating with other’s is important as it increases productivity, with the Hub 2 multiple people can share their progress at the same time. Meetings will also be more en

Surface Hub 2 is a 50.5-inch AIO (All-In-One) PC with 3:2 aspect ratio with thin bezels. You can rotate it from landscape to portrait with the integrated mechanism on it. It is a giant display which helps workers to share touch input. You’ll be able to mount multiple Surface Hub 2 side by side which Microsoft is called, tiling. With a thin bezel, tiling makes it look like a single giant monitor. Currently, not much information is available as the release date is set to 2019.

The Hub 2 looks interesting though it has a specific audience. What are your thoughts on Surface Hub 2? Share your thought below.
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