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CloudReady by Neverware is an alternative operating system. CloudReady is based on Google’s Chromium OS, the same open-source architecture as Chrome OS. Chrome OS is browser-based OS which gives you all the power of the Web. Neverware’s primary customer is enterprise and educational institute but is free for home users.

Chrome OS is the best solution for users who only use the web for entertainment with Netflix, Youtube, surfing the web, etc. It is also best for thin and light notebooks, as Chromebooks usually are. CloudReady is also good with old PCs. There are many incidences where old PCs have boot up in ~40 sec, which is impressive. Here is a video which shows benefits that educational institutions had with CloudReady.

Though, the look and feel are similar to Chrome OS the usabilities are a bit different. For example, Google’s Admin Console and Chrome Management are not available in the free home edition. Those features are only available in Education and Enterprise edition. Even though official support from Google should not be expected, Neverware will provide new security and feature updates. Extra features like Play-Store, Google Services are also not available.

If you would love to try CloudReady here is the installation instruction and requirement. But first, do a search for compatibility with your hardware, here.

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