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Podcast is a simple yet powerful form of media. Previously called Netcast, podcasts is basically a radio program on the internet which you can download and listen anywhere, any time. Nowadays many media, journalist, enthusiast, etc cast their own podcast for people to listen to. Following all those casts can be cumbersome, for which there is Google Podcasts.

Made by Google, the Google Podcasts has a simple material 2.0 design with rounded corners and lots of whiteness. At the top, you’ll see the top podcasts you have/listen to followed by their new episodes. In the “For you”, you’ll see new episodes from publishers, your progress on any podcasts you listened to and the downloads. You can also search for any web podcasts in the web. Or you can simply say “OK Google, play the latest episode of StarTalk”, and start listening to the latest podcast.

Just below the “For you” there are Google’s lists of recommended. At first, there are simple lists like news, politics, etc but as you listen to more, new podcasts will start filling out the list.

My recommendation for your first podcast is Caliphate by The New York Time. In this podcast, the reporter named Rukmini Callimachi shares her quest to understand ISIS.

Other podcasts that I recommend are:
  1. StarTalk Radio with Neil Degrasse Tyson
  2. Answers with Joe
  3. The Joe Rogan Experience
  4. Reply All

There are many more podcasts by/like The VergeCast, Android Authority, The New York Times, etc.

Do you think you’ll change your existing podcast app with Google Podcasts? Are you using Google News? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.

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