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If you are tired of your old wallpaper, then it’s time to change it. Google recently launched its Pixel phones with Wallpapers app to have a fresh look. Now guess what- Wallpapers app is available for all Android devices.

Choose and change wallpapers from Wallpapers app as often as you like, so your phone always represents your style.

This is the same app that is included in the Pixel and Pixel XL and offers the facility to easily switch and set wallpapers without going to different setting screens. You have a lot of categories to choose from like Earth, Landscapes, Cityscapes, Life, and Textures. The app has got a bunch of high-quality wallpapers including Google Earth satellite images just for your precious phone to look alive and fresh. Also, this app offers a function to switch your wallpaper every day according to your choice if you like it.

Although the application is available to download for any Android device, the ability to change the wallpaper for both the lock screen and home screen is only available on devices running Android v7.0 Nougat. I think this is the only con of this app. Otherwise, I really enjoyed it.

If you want to try out Wallpapers app by Google, please click here to download.

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