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FPS (First Person Shooter) games are one of the best shooting game genres. Games like Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Overwatch, etc are very popular games of this genre. FZ9: Timeshift is also a first-person shooter game but with a twist. Let’s see what that twist is.

The word Timeshift has a literal use/meaning in the game. Simply put, the time slows down when you stop moving. With this law in mind, you’ll have to overcome all and any soldier in your way. The story of the game is plain and simple. A US soldier is the enemy territory to eradicate a terrorist organization named AS. Pick up weapons from dead soldiers, shoot with them, throw them to the soldiers. FZ9: Timeshift features your favorite weapons such as the Glock, AK-47, M4A1, etc. You can also create your own unique looking weapons with many decals and patterns with upgrade system in the game.

In addition to story missions, take on new challenges in three other game modes: PVP, Cycle Missions and Weekly Challenges. Compete with other players in PvP, gather valuable resources in Cycle Missions, and get ready to be surprised with unique tests in the Weekly Challenge.

Key features of the game are

  • Eliminate enemies in bullet time.
  • Immerse in a deep storyline that branches out over 30 missions.
  • Shoot with a huge variety of weapons first-person shooter fans know and love.
  • Explore an in-depth upgrade system with RPG elements.
  • Challenge yourself with multiple game modes.

FZ9: Timeshift
FZ9: Timeshift

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