Destiny Warfare: Sci-Fi FPS available for pre-register2 min read

Destiny Warfare
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Destiny Warfare is a sci-fi FPS game, which takes place in the distant future. According to the story of the game, this event takes place when humanity has surpassed the limits of technological development. After the world has descended into the chaos of interplanetary warfare. The player will face team PvP combat with different classes like Recruit, Saboteur, Tank, Killer, and Assault, each of those classes has their own features and abilities.


  • Clans

    Create and invite friends to clans.

  • Armament

    With a wide variety of weapons in-game, like an assault rifle, plasma rifles, laser machineguns to a grenade launcher, etc. Each weapon has its own unique properties and features.

  • Material Interaction

    Interact with different types of materials placed in-game. Moreover, different types of gravity affect users to run fast (universal gravity) or jump far and higher (low gravity).

  • Jetpacks

    Well, who doesn’t want jetpacks right?

  • Fantastic 3D graphics

    After looking at the trailer video, the graphics seem excellent and detailed.

  • Optimized for weak devices

    The game has been optimized for low-end devices moreover high-end devices do have a choice of different graphics settings.

  • Easy controls
  • Different game mode

    Users can play with different game modes like Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Hardcore (For true pro players…), Duel, Launcher Battle, Base Defense, etc.

Currently, we can confirm some weapons that are available they are, Sniper Rifle, Minigun, Shotgun, Granade Launcher, and some new melee weapons. There are 5 maps in total where players can battle. This game is offered by Azur Interactive Games Limited.


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