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Remote Desktop Client
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Taking gap while doing long work hours in good for your eyes and health too. Standing, walking and focusing your eye away from your screen every 20 minutes in 20m distance for 20 sec also helps. But sometimes you want to work from (let’s say) your bed well that is when Remote Desktop Client by Microsoft comes in. With this app, you can control your Windows Desktop, use the mouse, keyboard via Android smartphone.

First, let’s enable Remote Desktop in Windows by following the step below

  • Right-click This PC and click properties
  • On the left side, you’ll see Remote settings, click on it
  • In the next window enable settings as in the picture below.
Remote Desktop Client
Remote Desktop Client

Steps to connect to your desktop

  1. Open the Remote Desktop Client app and press + icon at the top right
  2. Tap on Desktop
  3. Tap on scan again if your PC doesn’t show up at first
  4. If you have to add manually, tap on add manually (the guide is provided).
  5. Select your desktop
  6. In next page, you’ll have to select the user account to sign in through. For username, select add a user account. In the window, you’ll have to enter the username with domain and user password. To find your PC’s domain go to desktop and right-click This PC and press properties. There you’ll see your computer name. In the app, you’ll have to type :
    for example, if computer name = mydesktop and username = johndoe
    type mydesktop\johndoe
  7. Press save and later press Connect. If you entered the correct information you’ll be able to use Remote Desktop Client.

As we are using Windows as our example using the first-party app like this one by Microsoft makes it easy to connect. So did you successfully connect your PC to the app? If not share your problem below in the comment section, we are happy to help.
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